• Air Call Answer ~ Swipe Your Hand For Answering Calls

    Air Call Answer is an app which can pick your calls by swiping your hand over the proximity sensor. I had seen this feature in Samsung S4 which my cousin brought. It’s interesting and good in starting but after few days it gets boring and we started picking phones by clicking on screen.

    Air Call Answer works with smart phone which have proximity sensor , mostly all of phone these days come up with it.It’s a new technology and helps many in answering phone call in an easy way.

    You can turn it on or off and also can chose if want to put your phone on loudspeaker after call is picked up. People have rated this app with 4.1 Stars which is above average rating. It’s cool app , you can use this to show off in your friend group . If your phone is smart , why aren’t you :P

    It’s free on Google Play and can be downloaded for free. It’s size is about is 751 KB .

    Download From here

  • Air Flight Simulator ~ Be a Pilot

    Do you have a dream of a working as a Pilot ?? Don’t know about you but i always wanted to be an pilot in Indian Air Force , i hope one day i will get Mig.. Lol … Ok!  I have a game for you which will give you the feeling like as you are real time pilot

    This is a simulator of Air plane Flight which gives you chance yo put yourself on the pilot’s seat and fly realistic flight. Your main aim in this game is to land the aeroplane safely on runway. It’s interesting game and is totally time pass. After few successful landing you will get chances to fly big planes whose control are bit difficult.

    This game is wonderful but if developer could make graphics more real then this game would have become ultimate. Still i found it good. There are about 20 different Airplane missions and this game including Landing ,taking off the plane and many more.You can also change the view of your cockpit.

    Be a good pilot and download this game, it’s a free application and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Market.

    It’s size is about 18 MB.

    Download From Here

  • Dictionary – Best Offline Dictionary

    Dictonary – WordWeb by WordWeb Software is the best offline dictionary in Google Market . It’s really best offline dictionary , you will find every word’s meaning in it.

    This is a free offline Engish dictionary which have evey english word’s meaning with synonyms, related words etc. This Dictionary database includes these things :-

    - 285,000 words, phrases and derived forms

    - 225,000 word sense definitions

    - 70,000 usage examples

    - 85,000 text pronunciations

    - Synonyms, similar and related words

    - N. American, British, Australian and international English

    It’s beautiful app and fully descriptive. It’s simple to use and most important part – It’s Offline. This app is free to use and it don’t have any advertisement, Yes ! it have no ads ( wondering how will they earn ) .

    Size of this application is 28 MB , if you will install it on SD card it will take only 770 KB space of your internal memory. So it’s good to install it without thinking about your internal memory space.

    Download From Here

  • Caller Name Announcer -Must Have Applicatio​n

    We normally keep mobile phones in pocket , specially when we are travelling on bike . If at that time someone calls you then you find it annoying , it get worse when it’s call from your useless fellow friend.




    Developers have created an app which will stop this nonsense , they have created an app which will announce the name of the caller . This app helps a lot , it’s really a cool app and every one should have it in there mobile phones.


    Some features :

    1.It announces the name of person calling your number

    2.It reduces the effort to answer the unknown numbers while in driving

    3.You can either activate the app for all contacts in phone

    4.Or for unknown numbers

    5.This caller name speaker can speak the name if it stored in your contacts.

    6.Or this will talk the number.

    7.Now you can set the initial time to start speaking

    8.No sound when it is in silent mode.


    It is an free app and is available on Google Play market to download.


    It’s size is about 870 KB .


    Download from here

  • Get Free Recharge of $10 International ( India 500 Rs inr )

    Hello friends…i just found a website which is giving free recharge to international prepaid mobile customers especially to Indians.Best thing about this site is that it is genuine and they are really giving free recharges.

    I have seen lot of sites which pretend to be giving free recharges to there subscribers but then they just go . Unlike those sites www.dailylucky10.blogspot.com is providing free recharges with proofs.  I talked to them and they gave me few numbers ( they don’t leak privacy ) and after doing some investigation i found it genuine.

    So Friends grab this deal as this site is giving free recharges till next month… Good Luck to you… I got my recharge already..


    Here is a proof of there genuineness… 14

  • Windows 8 Theme For Android Users

    If you like Windows 8 tiles then i have a good news for you. There is a new theme which will turn your Android Device into a Windows 8. I have to admit that Windows 8 tiles really looks classy.







    These theme will change that boring Android User Interface into something very beautiful. Windows 8 start screen is simply awesome. When i installed it i was just ” WOW “.


    That picture tiles with animated pictures makes my phone look much better then before. If your phone is big then no one will be able to differ from Real Nokia Lumia and android. This app will change every look of your phone making it a Master of all.


    Name of this great app is Launcher 8 or Windows 8, it’s really a great theme and developers have worked real hard for developing it.


    Like many other application this master piece is also for Free and it can be download from Google Play.


    It’s size is about 1.3 MB .


    Download From Here.

  • EPOCH 2


    The epic saga of post-apocalyptic robot combat continues! EPOCH has trekked across a war-ravaged country to find the one person he was programmed to protect: the Princess Amelia. Now he must follow a final, desperate lead to reach her, with the two warring robot armies of Omegatroniks and Alphetekk standing in his way. But what surprises await EPOCH when the Princess is finally located? And what will she make of the world she wakes up to?
    CHOREOGRAPH THE ACTION Control your character with intuitive finger swipes designed specifically for touch-screens. Make split-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch countermeasures!
    UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY Follow the story of humanity’s downfall, and their final hope for salvation as you discover the truth about the Princess and what she really means to the future of this world. And who is the new interloper that has decided that EPOCH must be stopped at any cost?
    A BEAUTIFULLY DESOLATE WORLD  Explore whole new areas across a post-apocalyptic landscape; the crackling desert of the mysteriously drained harbors, the whistling desolation of abandoned spaceports and the clamorous factories that continue to manufacture their robotic wares.
    DESTROY, SALVAGE AND UPGRADE Battle escalating waves of robots and bosses in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself with pieces scavenged from the ruins! Configure your robot with dozens of weapons, armors, boosters and counters.
    NEW WAYS TO PLAY New weapons, items and features expand your arsenal and give you new strategies to employ. Equip your Weakening Grenades, risk a Fast Reload for bonus damage, or head-shot an enemy robot with your Sniper Rifle? New levels extend and expand EPOCH’s ability to fight, move and dodge. New Play Modes provide tougher challenges for the elite EPOCH player.
    Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
    Version: 1.2.2

  • Asphalt 8- the best game ever

    First time when i played this game , i was like WoW. Don’t know how developers made such a fantastic Game. Ashphalt 8 is here. If you have never played a good racing game on your Android Device then this is the best racing game available on Google Play.








    This is a must download game , i never force people to download anything but this is the game you should play on your device. Graphics are so much awesome that sometimes it feels like a real racing.  It’s simply a brilliant game like a burnout racing as we see in movies.


    It’s very challenging racing game , one can’t win until he is perfect in his driving skills. This game works perfect with gravity sensors. I love this game. It’s better then NFS Most Wanted which i played on My PC. There are lot things about this game, i can’t all of them here. But please download this game as this will change your racing game experience.


    It’s free now , in starting people bought it after spending few dollars . Now they regret as game is for free now . So don’t miss the chance to get this wonderful game for free.


    It’s size varies with devices.


    Download From Here

  • Bittorents

    Bittorrent is one of the most famous torrent downloading client on Internet. But most of the people use it on PC. In case you have high speed connection on your phone or have WiFi then you can download your favourite torrent client on your phone.




    Torrents are the best as they provide almost everything to download that too free. I always use torrent for downloading movies , music, software and many other things. You can find any thing using Bittorrent.


    Imagine that you are out and you  find a free WiFi hotspot ,but you don’t have your laptop with you. At that time Bittorrent will help you. Just add the torrent file on Bittorrent and taddaa!! your download will start automatically.


    This application is for free on Google Play and adds don’t bother much.


    It’s size is about 8 MB.


    Download From Here

  • THE HINDU Newspaper

    The Hindu is one of the India’s Most respected newspaper.It is one of the best Online Newspaper on Google Play Store, if you want to be updated about your local area or nation then have this app on your phone.


    This is a light application and don’t give any bad experience while using. This Hindu android app gives you top highlights, breaking news and top screen along with in depth analysis and opinion. It’s user friendly application. You can get news update of your favourite city , just select it in this app.








    This is an excellent app, after using it for few hours i only found one irritating things. That are it’s ads , it ruins reading experience , only this is bad in this app , Else is fantastic.


    It is free to download app .


    It’s size is about 2.1 MB.


    Download From Here